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Our commitment is to use our best knowledge and expertise to restore a normal appearance to a mutilated limb, either through the use of an aesthetic prosthesis with passive function or by aesthetically covering functional prostheses.
However, the best prosthesis can never truly replace a body part. It is fundamental that patients have a realistic approach of prosthetic fitting and make their choice based on dispassionate information. Empathy is the key work in approaching amputees. It is only by listening at length to their needs that we can do our best in assessing and fitting prosthesis.
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partners AHP EUROPE prothèse esthétique
Norsk Teknisk Ortopedi A/S (NTO) was established in 1989 in Hamar by Tomm Kristensen in partnership with two other companies.The reason was to gather knowledge in an area and increase the level of expertise in prosthetic arms.
The first years we were located in Hamarbut later moved to Ottestad to get closer Ssho engaged in rehabilitation and information to armprotesebrukereWe haveas the only orthopedic company in Scandinavia,specialized in prosthetic arms and specially designed equipment handed users. During the time leading up to today, we have managed to develop a unique expertise in prosthetic arms that we are very proud of.

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MARCENACDucros SA is founded in 1959 by its two creators who have given their names: Mr. MARCENAC and Mr. DUCROS.
The beginning, very artisanaldid not prevent the company to specialize in the manufacture of corsets, orthotics and prosthetics. Moreover, even if today the company is equipped with ultra modern systemthe craft side has not disappeared with the uniqueness of each medical device.

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Sahva operates shops and clinics in more than 30 cities throughout Denmark.
Sahva’s clinics employ prosthetists, orthopaedic shoemakers, physiotherapists, podiatrists and clinical consultants.
Sahva’s experts manufacture individual aids and footwear for a diverse range of people and challenges. These challenges range from people who had their leg amputated or their breast removed, and need prostheses, to children with congenital disabilities, sports injuries, problems with back and joints or other conditions which require relief or support of body and feet.
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The Ennedi Service s.r.l was founded in 1998 by a team of consultants and professionals.
With decades of experience in the field of education and science, with significant and well-established activities in the areas of public administration, industry and telecommunications, with the mission to offer integrated services to businesses and professionals, from support to management consultingtraining and information to the areawhile also offering solutions and high level management designed and responsive to the needs of the customer.

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Tel Aviv : Dr JM Lerner
Tel : 00 972 529 471 59

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