Digital prosthesis

The digital prostheses adhere perfectly to the stump. Their natural anatomical position allows pressure to be exerted for the use of a keyboard. The color adapts perfectly to the color of the skin and the wearing of a ring, to hide the line of demarcation between prosthesis and skin, is not always necessary.

Short digital prosthesis

For long stumps, it is possible to make small prostheses that leave the second joint free for movement.

Les étapes de conception d'une prothèse

1- Getting in touch consultation

 Optional, free, it allows you to get answers to your questions as well as learn about your custom-made device. It is not subject to any future commitment.

2- Measurement / Impression

The first consultation starts the process of designing the prosthesis. Impressions and measurements will be taken. This stage lasts on average half a day.

3- Tailor-made coloring and adjustments

Accompanied by one of our colorist experts, the coloring and adjustment of your prosthesis will be made with you. This stage lasts on average 1 day.

4- Finishing your digital prosthesis

Our experts are fine-tuning the last details in our laboratory without your presence. You can pick up your prosthesis in person or we will ship it directly to your home.  

The total duration of the process lasts on average between 2 and 3 months